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We bring the escape room to you.

Looking for something different at your next event? Try our mobile unit!

Complete with two escape rooms, the mobile unit is perfect for any group size.

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Featuring 2 unique escape rooms

Escape room innovation has reached a new milestone: mobile units. Our 30-ft unit plugs into a standard 15 amp outlet or runs off a generator and can be set up curbside or in a parking lot near your venue.

Right now, Mobile Escape is featuring two escape rooms in our mobile unit: Starship Mutiny and Da Vinci's Workshop.

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Starship mutiny

Welcome aboard the H. S. Royal, a vessel commanded by an evil warlord. You, the crew, are committing a mutiny and escaping through your escape pod, but not before finding hidden information in power orbs and initiating the final sequence. Can you escape?

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Da Vinci's Workshop

You've travelled back in time hundreds of years to meet the world's most brilliant mind: Leonardo Da Vinci. As you explore his workshop, you discover hidden clues that he left behind for only the most curious to find. Will you be able to crack Da Vinci's codes?

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