Mobile Escape exists to awaken wonder in your students!

We do this in three ways:

  1. We bring the escape to you eliminating the fees and hassle of going off-site. Students notice and appreciate each other's gifts and abilities as they work together to solve the escape room problems and puzzles before them.

  2. We link our escape rooms and maker activities to Alberta Curriculum! Our rooms provide hands-on, inquiry-based learning opportunities where students of multiple learning styles thrive simultaneously.

  3. We help students take learning into their own hands as they work together to create their own escape rooms. This process of classroom gamification results in 100% engagement and 100% success.

We booked Mobile Escape to come to our school for our Grade 6 students. It is an amazing complement to the Alberta Gr6 Science curriculum, and so much fun as well! The students (And the staff and parents!) loved it! It’s very well organized and students are engaged the whole time. Highly recommended!
— Marie, Grade 6 Teacher

2018 mobile escape rooms

Starship Mutiny & Da Vinci's Workshop

Mobile Escape brings the field trip to you with these hands-on, curriculum-linked escape rooms and makerspaces. 

Mayan Mystery, Starship Mutiny, and Da Vinci's Workshop until January 2019.

Mobile Escape gives you opportunities to start conversations about various science lessons. Click the links below for our specific links to Alberta Curriculum:

2019 mobile escape rooms

The Sunken Submarine and Tomb of the pharoah

Mobile Escape is very excited to be rolling out two brand new, curriculum-linked rooms for Calgary and Southern Alberta: The Sunken Submarine and Tomb of the Pharaoh.

These rooms will launch at Teacher’s Convention(s) February 2019.

Mobile Escape's new escape rooms will give you opportunities to start conversations about various science lessons including but not limited to:

  • Grade 1 - Building Things & Senses

  • Grade 2 - Magnetism, Bouyancy and Boats

  • Grade 3 - Building With a Variety of Materials & Testing Materials and Designs

  • Grade 4 - Wheels and Levers & Building Devices and Vehicles that Move & Light and Shadows

  • Grade 5 - Electricity and Magnetism & Mechanisms Using Electricity

  • Grade 6 - Evidence and Investigation

  • Grade 7 - Structures and Forces

  • Grade 8 - Mechanical Systems, Light and Optical Systems

  • Grade 9 - Electrical Principles and Technologies




Bring the wonder and excitement of an escape room to your next school event. Escape rooms help create unity and engagement as participants are plunged into a mystery together. Will they get out in time? Will they succeed as a group? Our fully-mobile unit will come to your venue.