MOBILE Escape room Tabletop games

CAlgary and Southern Alberta


Can't bring our mobile unit curbside? Want something a little closer to the action?

Try one of our escape rooms that gets set up in your space.

MAyan Mystery (Till Jan. 2019)

Did you know the Mayans were the longest lasting civilization of all time? One day some European pirates stole their treasure and sailed away, but a storm sank the ship along with the treasure. We have recovered that treasure chest and need your help to open it. In exchange, we'll let you keep some of the treasure... do we have a deal? Available until January 1, 2019.

Mayan Mystery Room Poster_low res_2.jpg

Time Machine

In the future, the greatest threat to humanity is time machines. Master Riddler has developed his own, and has travelled back in time, trying to rewrite history according to his diabolical plans. We have found his time machine and brought it to you, world experts in time travel, to help us shut down the machine before our very existence is altered irrevocably!

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