Calgary Christian School - Samurai Escape

Our first residency of the 2019-20 school year was a thrilling launch. The tallest structure every built in Mobile Escape history was crafted during this residency - and that is no small feat! This week, students were tasked with creating a room themed on the iconic Edo Period of Japanese history. Embracing the rich cultural elements of the Meiji Restoration empowered students to construct incredible props and works of art that transported you to the age of the samurai.

As you enter their room, you are stunned by the looming figure of a colossal torii (archway) that leads you through a bamboo-lined pathway and into another world. You are then met by a dragon statue that commands your attention and immerses you in an Edo Period marketplace. Vendor stalls line the walls displaying various goods and curious weaponry. Further investigation of the room will allow you to discover the secret locked bookcase that is your safe haven from an impending Shogun invasion! Solving this lock is no simple task – four throwing stars must be found in order to reveal the code to your safety.

The artwork in the room portrays students’ interpretations of famous Edo paintings including the quintessential Great Wave off Kanagawa and add to the feeling of authenticity of the time period. This is brought together masterfully by a soundtrack that was composed and written by Calgary Christian students.

From a massive torii, to breathtaking paintings, the Grade 8s Calgary Christian School know how to compel an audience!