Discover-E: Space Race Too!

If you had told me on Sunday that by Wednesday morning, I would have a group of 13-year-olds clustered around a three foot by three foot piece of paper lovingly adding details to an immense headshot of Vladimir Putin, I don’t think I would have believed you. However, “Kylie Lip Kit Putin” (as he was lovingly monikered) made an appearance alongside “Orange You Glad We’re Canadian” Donald Trump in DiscoverE x Mobile Escape Camp Week 2!


The theme: A modern space race. What initially began as Elon Musk vs. Mystery Scientist sending a car to space morphed into a beautiful piece of tomfoolery called “Space Race Too”. (Yes, too not two.)

Donald Trump, in an effort to prove his superiority over Russia, has started a new race to the moon. Putin, caught up in his own competitive spirit, meets the challenge and he and the Russian Space Program rush to be the first to send their new rockets to the moon.

This room was a particular challenge because we built two rooms, side by side, that were a head-to-head contest where one team represents NASA, and one was the Russian Space team. You had to hit your rocket launch button first to win! It was a huge build, but it turned out so neat! The detail work in the security cameras and the Laika memorial were absolutely hilarious and essential. I’m so proud of all the work we got done, especially because lots of it was done without my direct involvement! We couldn’t have done it without the great team of counsellors at DiscoverE.