The Fish Creek Story

There is so much to love about my job, but one thing I desire more of is prolonged engagement at schools. That’s why it was such a privilege to come back to Fish Creek School for a second year.

Last year’s grade 5s had had a chance to do the Grade 6 escape room. So, this year, when it was their turn to create an escape room, the excitement and expectation was already there. Some students even commented that - out of the entire year - they were most looking forward to this residency!

When the Mobile Escape team hit the ground on Monday, the students were off to the races, solving escape rooms and brainstorming ideas for their own themes: outer space and flight. We also benefitted from the incredible teachers at Fish Creek School who believe in what we’re doing, as well as in their own students. It made the week that much more enjoyable!

The students then spent almost an entire day blueprinting and working through the design process. Plans were made, adjusted, scrapped, advanced, improved and selected. This prepped everyone for 2 incredibly productive “build days” where the students created their respective escape rooms.

Friday was test, refine and showcase day, where Grade 2s, 3s, 5s and staff tried the rooms prior to an afternoon of having parents, siblings, friends and family try the rooms. What a blast!

There were a few highlights for me, but the thought that summarizes them all is this: every student succeeded. For those who traditionally do well in school, their intelligence shone through, no doubt. And for the students who struggle academically, they had so many diverse opportunities to showcase their value. As we love to say at Mobile Escape, “it’s not how smart you are, but how you are smart.”

Here are some incredible quotes from the Fish Creek Grade 6s reflecting on their week:

Thank you for letting us have this amazing opportunity to have freedom and use our imaginations and create.

You may have left, but the memories have stayed.

I think that the idea of certain groups doing certain jobs is a fantastic way to make work process go faster.

It realy taught me a lesson about always look twice, as you might miss something important.

I was really eager to shoot and edit a video, and well, I got my dream.

I cannot thank you guys enough for giving every student the opportunity to work on something larger than just their own small project. It really taught all of us to work together, and think of ideas that weren’t ever done before.