Citadel Park School

Two amazing weeks with Citadel Park School

Week 1 - Grades 2-4

The Grades 2, 3 and 4 students combined to create two different escape rooms: Night at the Museum and Pete’s Dragon. While the storylines were selected for them, the way the room played out was up to them. So what did they create?

One room featured a giant dragon named Elliot. The students made the fur, the barn he crashed out of, the truck tires, trees, and more. Every clue was designed to help participants know how to flip the switches in the correct sequence, opening Elliots mouth and waking him up.

In the other escape room, the students were able to create artifacts of many different kinds which all helped lead to the final clue of the escape room. Their creations included an enormous teepee, a dinosaur skeleton, and more. Here’s what it looked like:

Week 2 - Kindergarten and Grade 1

The Kindergarten and grade 1 students are always a treat to work with!

We are often asked, “What is the youngest age that can make an escape room?”

Upon learning that we can help kindergarten and grade 1 students create a version of an escape room, teachers and admin are often delightfully surprised!

The eight different k-1 classes worked together to create two escape rooms. One of the escape rooms followed the theme and storyline of the Pied Piper, and the other a retelling of Hansel and Gretel.

Pied Piper Escape Room

In the version of the Pied Piper the kids were told, the Pied Piper was promised a large sum of gold for getting rid of all the rats in the town of Hamelin. However, upon completion of his task he only received 1 small gold coin! As a result he played a magical tune to make all the kids wander off into Candyland behind the magical mountain until he got paid. So the parents were tasked with finding 4 gold coins in the escape room to “pay the piper” with and rescue their kids from behind the mountain before it was too late and their kids were gone forever!

Hansel and Gretel Escape Room

In the Hansel and Gretel escape room the students left “bread crumbs” behind as clues for the parents to find. These bread crumbs helped them solve the mystery and lead Hansel and Gretel to their escape from the witch’s house!

Both rooms were filled with student-made candies, forests, mountains and other wonder-filled imagery of fairy tales! It never ceases to amaze us how capable the little ones are when they are given a little extra guidance and instruction.