A new way to teach

Some people say education is out-dated. That's it's not relevant to students any more. While this may be true in some places, we're meeting some incredible teachers who are really thinking outside the box. Want to meet a thought-leader? Introducing Amanda Klager.

Amanda recently engaged her Grade 7 class in a year-end assessment of their knowledge of curriculum by employing escape room methodology. Check in out!

Grade 7 students at Rancheview School were challenged to express their understanding of curriculum through the escape room format. The class formed several groups with each group making their own blueprints and prototypes. Escape rooms included "Mystery of the Collapsed Building", "Escape the Atmosphere", "Golden Inn and Suites", "NO VACANCY", "Escape the Classroom", "Green Thumbs Greenhouse", "Poison Flower", "Escape the Rodeo", and "Trapped in a Boat".