Inside of everyone is an inner genius.

A burgeoning artist.

A brilliant scientist.

A person with a divine wonder that no one else in the world could ever have.

This wonder has always loved to create, think, and solve problems. As children, we are wonderfully capable of seeing the world with a fresh perspective and suggesting strikingly simple solutions. Children are also great at having fun.

But as we age, many of us find ourselves dulled by monotony and inhibited by patterns of lifeless routine. We are confined by our perceptions and adopt biases that taint our ability to think at our highest capacity. And worse, our fears divide us, creating barriers that inhibit our ability to work together.

Mobile Escape exists to wake dulled senses: to see, hear, and feel again. We bring people together to think differently about the world around them and to simply have fun.


Paul, BBA, Co-Founder Mobile Escape

Paul, BBA, Co-Founder Mobile Escape


Paul Co-founded Mobile Escape with the vision of creating a sustainable business that was intrinsically beneficial to the communities it served. Paul did not thrive in a traditional classroom - he was the kid that had a hard time sitting down and being quiet long enough to read two sentences without staring off into space or talking with his neighbour. Paul helped start Mobile Escape with a desire to see students like himself thrive in a unique learning environment and discover, not how smart they are, but how they are smart. Paul graduated from Ambrose University in Calgary, Alberta with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and a minor in International Community Development. Upon graduation he and his wife, Kara, spent a year and a half on staff with Youth With A Mission based out of New Zealand. Paul applies his creative nature to the business by helping create each one of Mobile Escape’s original puzzles, as well as financial know-how and passion for sustainable development.

Eric REynolds

Eric once wrote a book of riddles which helped him, and others, explore the world of wonder, puzzles, and the social component of curiosity. Then, months later, he did an escape room and thought, "I could make this better." So after building one in his backyard in Abbotsford, BC, and being encouraged by friends and family, he began conceptualizing Mobile Escape. Eric's background in communications and storytelling helps to create the themes behind Mobile Escape, while his MBA from Trinity Western University is an invaluable asset to the company. After moving to Calgary, AB, brother-in-law Paul caught wind of the vision and the rest was history. Together, Eric and Paul form a dynamic leadership team with diverse but complementary skill sets to ensure that #awakenwonder is a reality for countless people.

Eric Reynolds, BA, MBA, Co-Founder Mobile Escape

Eric Reynolds, BA, MBA, Co-Founder Mobile Escape

Adam Luciuk, Alberta North Manager Mobile Escape

Adam Luciuk, Alberta North Manager Mobile Escape


Born and raised in Calgary, Alberta, Adam grew up reading his favourite book "How Things Work". His passions also included doing math problems and exploring the natural areas in and around Calgary. Adam graduated from Mount Royal University with a Bachelor of Health and Physical Education in Ecotourism and Outdoor Leadership. Upon graduating, Adam has worked to develop leaders young and old in non-traditional settings, including Co-Founding Bow Valley Freestyle Ski Club, working as a supervisor in Adventure Education at WildPlay Element Parks in Nanaimo, and building young members of the community as Youth Program Director at the Saddletowne YMCA. Adam joined Mobile Escape to awaken wonder and build the leaders of tomorrow alongside a dynamic team. He now serves as the Regional Manger of Edmonton and Alberta North.


Jackie Morley


Jen Akkermans

Naomi Esau Mobile Escape.jpg

Naomi Esau

Sherry Martens, B.Ed M.A. PhD   Ambrose Associate Dean of Education

Sherry Martens, B.Ed M.A. PhD

Ambrose Associate Dean of Education

Sherry has been inspiring learners in Alberta to be their best selves since 1987. Her teaching career spans K-12 across curriculum areas, particularly in the Fine and Performing Arts and Humanities as well as undergraduate and graduate students in pre-service education and educational leadership.  She is a consummate learner whose eclectic research includes visual culture, visual displays in schools, teacher identity, student efficacy, assessment and historic school spaces and curriculum theory. Her love of shenanigans and bringing the past to life is played out in her work as she teaches as the Mona Lisa, Anne Shakespeare or Clifford Sifton. Currently the Associate Dean of Education at Ambrose University in Calgary, she looks for opportunities to challenge those around her to take risks, be creative and never stop looking for ways to make a difference in the lives of children..