How can we inspire students to learn? How can we fascinate and delight them? And how can we teach them how to learn?

These are the questions many teachers are asking themselves. In partnership with teachers, as well as in conjunction with 21st Century Competencies, we have designed an escape room experience custom-tailored for the educational system.

Our mobile unit comes to you.

Our mobile unit comes to you.

A Spoonful of sugar...

Helps the medicine go down. There are countless forces vying for your students' attention from the latest, coolest fads to the app of the week. Mobile Escape will help you educate your kids on their level, as the escape room craze is in full swing. Leverage the things they think are cool and give them what they really need.


Paying for and arranging transportation is not a great use of your time or resources. Kids don't love it either. But Mobile Escape comes to you, saving you both the time and expense, making your life easier. Give your students a field trip they will remember while you spend less time organizing, coordinating and paying for buses.

Sherry Martens, B.Ed M.A. PhD Ambrose Associate Dean of Education

Sherry Martens, B.Ed M.A. PhD

Ambrose Associate Dean of Education

Mobile Escapes offers students the opportunity to apply critical thinking skills and inquiry to real world challenges.  In keeping with Alberta Education’s (2016) values for Alberta students, the on-site field trip supports and develops a sense of belonging, perseverance, working with others, and innovation. Students apply and connect knowledge and skills from multiple curriculum including Math and Science to logically solve the puzzle. Mobile Escapes is a dynamic experience that brings learning and inquiry to life.

21st Century Learning Competencies

We've taken the time to incorporate 21st Century Learning Competencies into our escape rooms. If you have any questions about how we've managed to do this, or if you have have creative ideas about how we could do it better, please reach out to us. We would love to hear from you.

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Our escape rooms are specifically designed to build relationships and help students works in teams to achieve common goals. Students must value and commit to the shared goals and responsibilities of the task at hand. Effective groups will respect multiple perspectives and support open discussion which will help them creatively solve problems.

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Inside our escape rooms, students will have to look beyond the norm for solutions or opportunities. They will have to interpret the data around them and constructs knowledge in new and inventive ways if they hope to escape! Revealing new clues within the room will require that they take intellectual risks, and as they reveal new clues, they will have to adapt to change and to new information.

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Escape rooms might be the best example of problem solving available to kids today. Escape rooms are ideal environments for students to identify strategies and tools so they can recognize, define, and solve problems. Students will constantly be asked to reflect on problems and plot possible courses of action as well as initiate steps to solve those problems.

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Focused thought and action will help students to successfully complete their escape room experience. They will need to identify significant questions in order to know which clues to solve. Then they will be required to draw inference from the data around them and interpret and synthesize what they observe. Furthermore, as the group understands multiple perspectives they, will realize a greater degree of success

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In addition to our thematic elements, the escape room process provides an opportunity for leadership, collective decision making, and helps students to balance individual and group interests.

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Global Awareness

Our escape rooms have strong global themes, with maps and geographic locations. These elements help students to identify global inter-connectedness and understand global relationships and their impact on cultures and nations.

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We desire that students understand and evaluate critical economic issues. As a result, we intentionally incorporate global currencies and basic financial problems into our rooms. This will help students recognize and explain economic factors or incentives affecting behaviour.

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The best escape room participants communicate well. They seek to understand, interpret, and express thoughts, ideas, and emotions. Your students listening abilities will be tested in a gamified, team-oriented environment. Additionally, they will have to reach an understanding of the multiple communication modes and styles around them: from cyphers to directional locks, and more.

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What better way to compel students to take ownership of their learning than by gamifying education? Students love escape rooms and easily demonstrate interest and motivation when it comes to learning this way. The best escape room participants are adaptable, and respond constructively to changing conditions.

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Our escape rooms are full of double meanings and hidden meanings. Students will have to carefully evaluate the credibility and intention of the information they receive. The most effective groups will quickly learn to contribute to their collective knowledge, doing so promptly and without hesitation.


How It Works



  • You pre-book with Mobile Escape
  • Together we determine how many students, for what length of time, and at what cost
  • You tell your students and they start getting excited

The Day Of

  • We arrive on the day-of with our mobile unit
  • We set up in under 30 minutes
  • Variation #1: You keep teaching while groups of 8-12 students cycle through the escape room
  • Variation #2: Classroom teaching stops while groups of students cycle in and out of the mobile unit


  • We've gone the extra mile to develop an in-depth debrief package because we care about facilitating the best educational experience possible
  • We provide you with the package that connects the dots between your students' experience and 21st Century Learning Competencies as well as SEL (Social Emotional Learning)