We develop custom escape rooms for events

More and more brands are recognizing escape rooms as a powerful vehicle for communicating messages that matter. As you seek to make an impact with either a special interest group or customer demographic, consider how an escape room could help send the right message:

  • Inherently Social - Participants must work together in small teams to solve problems and escape the room
  • On-Brand - We customize the build around your specifications, which means you communicate what matters
  • Emotional Engagement - Participants feel positive associations - victory, camaraderie, euphoria - when they think of your brand

See what we have done for other brands!

Countdown Crush poster copy.jpg

HR Teambuilding ESCAPE ROOM

Last Halloween, The Depot was offering its staff a team-building activity designed specifically around both their characters and factory processes. Staff experienced a custom escape room linked to their everyday reality, boosting morale and engagement in the workplace.

Social Justice custom escape room.jpg


How do engage participants at an annual fundraiser in a unique way? Work of Your Hand chose to communicate social justice themes through the escape room medium. By giving donors a hands-on experience from the perspective of someone in need, Work of Your Hand is able increase awareness and engagement.

Mobile Escape was absolutely amazing! I asked them to build a custom themed room for a corporate team building day, and they went above and beyond. Not only did they incorporate props related to our industry, but the puzzles were challenging, creative and fun to solve. Both Paul and Eric were enthusiastic hosts who ensured everyone had an excellent time. I would highly recommend them to anyone considering a mobile escape room.
— Shanna Chew, Alberta Beverage Container Recycling Corporation
Ace of Clubs Poster copy.jpg


Last Halloween, The Ranchmen's Club Calgary was offering its group members - both young and old! - the chance to escape from their custom escape room, built by Mobile Escape. We designed the room around physical objects, already present in the club, for an interactive, authentic escape room experience.

USASK Cyber Escape Poster.jpg


The University of Saskatchewan wanted to reinforce the importance of Cyber Security. As part of their strategy, they chose to use the escape room method. Mobile Escape customized our mobile unit to communicate the right messages to both students and faculty on campus.