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an unforgettable conference

When someone comes to a conference, they're making an investment in themselves – in their future. They want to have a great time and be glad they went. And in addition, there are brands that crave the quality exposure provided by a select target demographic represented at an event. Here's some ideas about how a mobile escape room could enhance your conference.

GRowing phenomenon

Puzzles and games are nothing new, but the escape room craze is in full swing. Starting in 2007, escape rooms grew from an obscure activity in Japan to a global phenomenon in less than 10 years. With brick-and-mortar escape rooms being prevalent in nearly every major city across North America, consumers are at least familiar with the term and process, if they haven't already done one themselves. Your conference could either be their first opportunity, or a new spin they've never experienced before.

Mobile Escape Room Conference.png

What We Add

We make conferences better. We bring the escape room phenomenon to you. People will ask: “Have you done the escape room yet?” It will create mystery & intrigue, making your event more dynamic and ensuring next year's ticket sales are even easier.


Here's an Idea

What if we partnered with a brand or sponsor at your event? There are leading companies excited about aligning themselves with the very things that make Mobile Escape: creativity, wonder, imagination, teamwork, and collaboration.

Mobile Escape Event Escape Room Mockup 2.png


We are a source of additional entertainment for your guests; something new and memorable that creates the "wow" factor you're looking for. We diversify your event offering by creating a strong social component as well as an exciting shot of adrenaline that leaves a lasting impression.



Once inside the room, guests experience an immersive and compelling room. They will undergo a series of puzzles hidden by locks and corresponding clues. Our current room "Private Eye" is set in another time period where we control the ambiance: from sounds and smells to tech and lighting.

Mobile Escape Room Conference.png

Can you picture us at your CONFERENCE?